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This page contains a searchable list of C (Cable Assembly Guide) Drawings, TMC Canada Only::






2/16/61 Cable Assembly Guide 1 1
2/20/61 Cable Assembly, RG-8/U, RG-8A/U to PL-259 & PL-259A Connectors 1 2
2/7/61 Cable Assembly, RG-59/U to Burndy Hyrings 1 3
2/17/61 Cable Assembly, RG-59/U to SO-239 using UG-177/U Hood 1 4
2/20/61 Cable Assembly, RG-59/U to PL-259 and PL-259A with UG-176/U Adapter 1 5
2/20/61 Cable Assembly, RG-58/U, RG-59/U or RG-71/U to UG-260U (BNC) Connector 1 6
2/17/61 Cable Assembly, RG-8/U Cable to UG-59B/U Connector 1 7