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This gallery holds photos of TMC's various receiver antenna multicouplers.  Many, such as the AMC-6-( ) were made at TMC Canada.

AMC-6 Family

These multicouplers were 6-output devices, available in various impedances.  The AMC-6-2 and -3 multicouplers were designed for maximum sensitivity, while the AMC-6-5 was designed to handle maximum overloads.  A companion series, the LMC couplers, were designed for low frequencies.

amc-6-2_front.jpg (732257 bytes) amc-6-2_overall.jpg (432840 bytes) amc-6-2_overall_right.jpg (399598 bytes) amc-6-2_top.jpg (652881 bytes)
Ph 476.  AMC-6-2 front view. AMC-6-2 oblique views.   618.2-15 AMC-6-2 Top View.
amc-6-2_rear.jpg (460563 bytes) amc-6-2_bottom.jpg (707273 bytes)    
618.3-12.  AMC-6-2 rear view. 618.2-18 AMC-6-2 Bottom View.    
amc-6-3_overall_left.jpg (821197 bytes) amc-6-3_top.jpg (617543 bytes) amc-6-3_bottom.jpg (930113 bytes) amc-6-3_rear.jpg (590149 bytes)
635.9-1 AMC-6-3 Front angle view. 618.3-16 AMC-6-3 Top view. 635.9-4 AMC-6-3 Bottom view. 635.9-2 AMC-6-3 rear view.
amc-6-5_front.jpg (313936 bytes) amc-6-5_top.jpg (637517 bytes) amc-6-5_bottom.jpg (818395 bytes) amc-6-5_rear.jpg (510583 bytes)
618.3-3 AMC-6-5 front view. 633.6-7  AMC-6-5 Top view. 633.6-8.  AMC-6-5 Bottom view. 618.3-14.  AMC-6-5 Rear view.

AMC-20 Multicouplers

The AMC-20 multicouplers were available with 4 outputs (AMC-20-4), 8 outputs (-8) and 16 outputs (-16).  They were hybrid designs, having a vacuum tube input amplifier and transistorized RF distribution system. 

The AMC-21 series was all an all-solid-state design, available in 8, 16, and 24-output versions.

amc-20_front.jpg (271239 bytes) amc-20_front_nometer.jpg (331785 bytes) amc-20_overall_txt.jpg (396024 bytes) amc-20_rear.jpg (485215 bytes)
X656.9-2 AMC-20 front view. AMC-20 was available without a meter. Front oblique view of AMC-20. AMC-20 Rear view.
      amc-21_rear.jpg (511190 bytes)
      AMC-21 rear view.

AMC-8, -16, and -32 Multicouplers

These multicouplers were all-solid-state, with 8, 16, and 32 outputs.

amc-32_parts.jpg (728295 bytes)      
This is the only photo available for the AMC-32A multicoupler      

AMC-101, -102 Multicouplers

The AMC-101 Multicoupler had MIL designation CU-1638/GR.  AMC-102 was identical apart from a different front panel.  Both had 6 outputs, and were implemented in all-solid-state circuitry.

amc-101_front.jpg (333075 bytes) amc-102_overall.jpg (342072 bytes) amc-101_bottom.jpg (573989 bytes) amc-101_rear.jpg (423473 bytes)
665.3-1 AMC-101 Front view. 683.11-2 AMC-101 Oblique front view.  Note different knob style on this unit.   665.3-4.  AMC-101 rear view.
amc-101_top.jpg (632085 bytes) amc-102_overall.jpg (342072 bytes)    
665.3-5 AMC-101 Top view. 683.11-2 AMC-102 Front view.