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The ATS is a 1KW Antenna Tuning System.  It consists of 3 main parts: 

  1. ATS-MCU, the Master Control Unit, which contains the famous cross-needle SWR meter
  2. ATS-CU, a directional coupler that samples forward and reverse power
  3. ATS-TU, the remote, fiberglass waterproof tuning unit that is intended to attach directly to a 35' whip antenna. 

ats-2_overall.jpg (444335 bytes)

There was, in addition, an optional AC-218 loading coil.

Controls on the MCU allowed various functions inside the remote TU to be adjusted remotely.

ats-2_overall.jpg (444335 bytes) ats-2_tu_whip.jpg (621054 bytes) ats-2_cu_wire_ant.jpg (856725 bytes) ats-2_a-1486_whip.jpg (691130 bytes)
Overall view of CU, MCU, and TU units. Un-numbered, showing CU attached to bottom of TMC 35' whip antenna. The ATS can be used with a wire antenna as well, as shown here. A typical installation on top of one of TMC's Mamaorneck plants, employing a 35' whip.
ats-1_front.jpg (571587 bytes) ats-1_mcu_bottom.jpg (503481 bytes) ats-1_rear.jpg (482982 bytes)  
589.30-1 ATS-1 MCU front view. 584.1--9.  ATS-1 MCU bottom view. 585.13-9.  ATS-1 MCU rear view  
  ats-2_early_top.jpg (547175 bytes) ats-mcu-2_top.jpg (498530 bytes) ats-mcu-2_bottom.jpg (551613 bytes)
I don't have an ATS-2 front view.. it'll show up eventually! 5810.8-7.  ATS-2 MCU top view.  I believe, best I can tell, that this is an early production verwion of the MCU-2. 661.10-3.  ATS-2 MCU top view.  This is the later production version of the MCU-2. 5911.6-25 MCU-2 bottom view.
ats-cu-2_overall.jpg (376822 bytes) ats-cu-2_open.jpg (649284 bytes) ats-cu-2_components.jpg (501726 bytes)  
599.23-5.  Overall view of CU-2 directional coupler. 5911.6-13.  Inside view of CU-2. 655.6-6.  Inside view of CU-2.  
ats-tu-2_components.jpg (761801 bytes) ats-tu-2_inside.jpg (645598 bytes) ats-tu-2_top.jpg (669659 bytes) ats-2_cu-2_overall_open.jpg (611262 bytes)
584.1-11.  Components of TU-2 removed from fiberglass box. 584.1-3.  Inside view of TU-2. 5912.15-5.  Inside view of TU-2. 5911.6-14.  Another inside view of TU-2.
ats-2_cu-2_cabinet_top.jpg (669130 bytes) ats-2_cu-2_case_overall.jpg (610946 bytes) ats-tu-2_ac-106_coil.jpg (517024 bytes) ats-2_cu-2_ac-106_coil.jpg (536164 bytes)
599.23-6.  Top view of TU-2 fiberglass box. 599,23-7.  Overall view of fiberglass box of TU-2. 5911.6-10.  AC-106 coil, part of TU-2. 5910.1-9.  Another view of AC-106.
ats-tu-2_sw_assy.jpg (407669 bytes) ats-2_cu-2_switch.jpg (416892 bytes)    
5910.1-10.  Switch assembly in TU-2. 5911.6-9.  Another view of switch assy.