TMC Laboratory Notebooks

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These notebooks appear to represent typical investigations undertaken by TMC staff during the design process for various products.

Tony Bernardi Notebook 1954 This notebook has "Project #21  1954  Bernardi".  Bernardi was later the chief engineer at TMC.  This notebook contains various measurements and specifications for TMC RF transformers, circuitry for the SFO teletype regenerator.
Peter Kiser Notes, Nov 22, 1954 These notes, on yellow legal paper, were stuck inside the cover of Bernardi's 1954 notebook. They concern the measurement of the reactance of Corning power resistors used in one of the company's antenna matching boxes.  Seems likely that Kiser was working as Bernardi's assistant at the time.
Lab Notebook of Bill Pritchard, Neil de Pasquale, and Joe De Lorenza 1961-62 This notebook covers 1961-62, and was shared between the three authors.  Prichard became Chief Engineer in 1961, following Tony Bernardi.  Neil de Pasquale, son of company founder Ray de Pasquale, was a freshly minted college grad, and Joe De Lorenza a staff engineer.  This notebook includes preliminary design of the PA matching for the GPT-200K (Pritchard), initial design of the CSS-1A, and a 1 to 10Mc multiplier for an un-named unit (de Lorenza).