Nameplate Design Data

Below are scans of equipment tags for various TMC equipment.  The artwork was drawn using Visio at 1:1 scale and photo-positive; font is "Perspective Sans".

Name Image Artwork Visio File Dimensions
RTC Front-Panel Nameplate rtc_nameplate.jpg (519801 bytes)     2x3
RTM Front-Panel Nameplate rtm_nameplate.jpg (262824 bytes) rtm_tag_art.jpg (63238 bytes) rtm_tag_art.vsd 2x3
RFD-2 (PAL-1K) Nameplate rfd-2_tag.jpg (297123 bytes) rfd-2_tag_art.jpg (38120 bytes) rfd-2_tag_art.vsd 1.5x2
PAL-1K Nameplate pal-1k_nameplate.jpg (462654 bytes) pal-1k_tag_art.jpg (58141 bytes) pal-1k_tag_art.vsd 2x3
PS-4 (PAL-1K) Nameplate ps-4_nameplate.jpg (444341 bytes) ps-4_tag_art.jpg (56196 bytes) ps-4_tag_art.vsd 2x3
PS-5 (PAL-1K) Nameplate ps-5_nameplate.jpg (467228 bytes) ps-5_tag_art.jpg (55460 bytes) ps-5_tag_art.vsd 2x3