TMC Arizona Plant

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This page contains images from TMC System's Tempe, Arizona facility.  This plant appears to have been brought into operation in 1966-- it is first listed as a subsidiary in that year's Annual Report.  The plant specialized in the construction of quartz crystals, crystal filters, and equalizers.  There are some interesting photos of the production and test areas in the TMC Filter & Crystal Catalog.  More photos to come...

arizona_plant.jpg (915237 bytes) filters_ready2ship.jpg (1312694 bytes) az_facilities1.jpg (920758 bytes)  
Photo of the plant taken from the TMC Systems Filter catalog. Filters ready to ship.. No info with this photo, but the operator appears to be sweeping a filter assembly.  

The following photos appear to be documenting the various steps in crystal manufacturing.  All of the photos were taken by Adrian Clark Jr. Photo.  There are no dates on any of the photos.  Any help in identifying the various steps in xtal manufacture, or any of the people in the photos, would be greatly appreciated!  As would a confirmation that these photos were taken at the TMC Arizona plant.

crystal_cutting.jpg (895927 bytes) ax_xtal_mfg1.jpg (882121 bytes) az_xtal_mfg2.jpg (1026491 bytes) az_xtal_mfg3.jpg (801687 bytes)
1088 (Adrian Clark Jr. Photo).  Diamond saw for cutting quartz crystal blanks. xtal photo 1 xtal photo 2 xtal photo 3
az_xtal_mfg4.jpg (860362 bytes) az_xtal_freq.jpg (734194 bytes)    
xtal photo 4 xtal photo 5.  In this photo, a finished crystal's frequency appears to be getting measured.