TMC Plants and Facilities

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This page contains a directory that'll take you to photos of various TMC plants and facilities.  There are also a bunch of photos, mostly of production lines:  I could use some help identifying which plant each of these were taken in.

Mamaroneck Plants 700_fenimore_front.jpg (1673477 bytes) TMC started business in Mamaroneck, NY, and the company's business offices remain there to this day.
Clarkstown (Nyack) Plant clarkstown_color1.jpg (654012 bytes) TMC needed more space, and better electrical power, to keep up with the demand for its high-power transmitters.  The transmitter plant, built in 1960-61, was located just south of Clarkstown, NY, right next to the NY Thruway.
Virginia Facilities tmc_power2.jpg (782906 bytes) TMC Power Systems was initially located in Alexandria, VA, then moved to a facility in Springfield, VA
Arizona   This facility mainly built crystal filters for the company's receivers.
California slo_1.jpg (870433 bytes) The company had several facilities in California..  A "Systems" office in San Luis Obispo.  The photo to the right included the caption "Our new 20,000 square foot Research and Crystal Filter Manufacturing Facility at San Luis Obispo, California."

TMC built this facility for TMC Systems in 1961.


By the early 60's, TMC was selling systems world-wide.  Below is a map of TMC installations, probably constructed in about 1964 (click on the image to view it full-scale).

tmc_ww_map.jpg (1488081 bytes)

The photos below are of various production lines.  If you recognize any of these facilities, please give me a hand putting them with the correct facility.

unknown4.jpg (671659 bytes) unknown13.jpg (1066185 bytes) unknown8.jpg (1111916 bytes) unknown9.jpg (1027841 bytes)
Photo dated Nov 24, 1964.  Front marked "Page 23A". This photo is dated May 15, 1964, and has "WFA" written on back.  Photo by Wagers Photography, 8645 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo, CA.  It appeared in "Voice of TMC" #3, page 1. No info.  Antenna multicouplers ready to head out the door.  TMC Canada? No info.  Looks like GPT-10K tank coils.
unknown10.jpg (606531 bytes) unknown11.jpg (1108092 bytes) unknown12.jpg (830503 bytes)  
S6610.29-2 No info.  Appears to be a bunch of SWR-1K's on a production line, along with TOC's.  TMC Canada..? D6612.6-4