TMC California Facilities

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TMC Research, San Luis Obispo

slo_1.jpg (870433 bytes) slo_2.jpg (468984 bytes) tmc_research1.jpg (976908 bytes) tmc_research2.jpg (1066185 bytes)
Photo dated Nov 24, 1964.  "Plant pix for cover 2." No info. Dated 12/29/64.  Marked on rear: "X Cal Filter Facility? TMC Research".  On front: "Page 9 - Top" This photo is dated May 15, 1964, and has "WFA" written on back.  Photo by Wagers Photography, 8645 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo, CA.  It appeared in "Voice of TMC" #3, page 1.

TMC Systems, La Mesa

tmc_systems_california.jpg (1028657 bytes) rf_meas_van.jpg (668974 bytes)    
0317-1-2.  TMC Systems office in La Mesa (I think) with "PMR" RF Measurement Van's parked outside. 0317-2-5.  "PMR" RF Measurement Van interior.