TMC's Clarkstown (Nyack) Plant

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This page contains images from TMC's Clarkstown plant (AKA, the Nyack Plant).  This plant was built during the company's most rapid expansion in 1961, and was intended initially to help the company draw down a huge backlog of orders for transmitters.  The company's high-power rigs were built here:  the GPT-10K, -40K, and -200K.  Demand was so great that in 1962 the plant size was doubled.  In 1964, TMC moved its training functions to a new, small building to the east of the main plant at Clarkstown.  The buildings still stand today.. evidently a day-care center!  It is located just south of Snake Hill Road, and just north of the NY Thruway.

clarkstown_1.jpg (803425 bytes) clarkstown_2.jpg (545613 bytes) clarkstown_3.jpg (753736 bytes) clarkstown_4.jpg (1273944 bytes)
Dec 22, 1966. No info. Comparing this photo with the one to the right, it's clear this one was taken after the expansion. No data, but clearly taken before the expansion. Photo 2009A.  On back: "TMC Transmitting Plant Clarkstown NY, Side View."
clarkstown_color1.jpg (654012 bytes) clarkstown_color2.jpg (925227 bytes) training_blg.jpg (1059792 bytes) ddr5_assembly_nyack.jpg (872628 bytes)
No data, but front view of main part of Clarkstown Plant. No data.  Color photo of plant after expansion. R665.24-4.  "School" or training building at Nyack facility.  Photo dated Dec 22, 1966. 638.23-1.  Neil deP identified this photo as inside the Clarkstown plant.  Need to double-check as other information suggests that DDR-5's were built at Waverly Ave.
gpt-10k_assembly_nyack.jpg (692266 bytes) clarkstown_night_color.jpg (1025408 bytes)    
No date, no info, but I believe this photo shows the GPT-10K production line at Clarkstown.  The 1962 Annual Report states that the plant could turn out a '10K in under 4 hours. This photo is not in great condition, but it's a beautiful shot of the W. Nyack facility at dusk in the snow.    
nyack_training_today_1.JPG (332336 bytes) nyack_today_e.JPG (240054 bytes) nyack_today_sw.JPG (294795 bytes) nyack_training_today_2.JPG (340856 bytes)
The Clarkstown training facility as it appears today.  All Bright Electric is located in the building now.. clearly both a 'green' and a very patriotic company. The Clarkstown plant today, as viewed from the east end.  The plant is no longer easily viewable from the NY Thruway because of tree growth over the last 50 years.. The Clarkstown plant as it appears today (this photo, and the next few taken 9/11/11).  The plant houses an electric company and a metal fabricator. Closeup of the training facility as it looks today.