TMC's Virigina Plants

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This page contains images from TMC's facilities in Viriginia.  These comprised mainly TMC Power (AKA TMC Power Distribution) at 4311 Wheeler Ave., and TMC Systems, a sales office, possibly at 806 N. Henry Street, both in Alexandria, VA. In about 1963, TMC had a new plant built for TMC Power Distribution in Springfield, VA. 

tmc_power1.jpg (956242 bytes) tmc_power3.jpg (676499 bytes) tmc_power4.jpg (765995 bytes) tmc_systems_va.jpg (1156324 bytes)
Photo 9146.  Photos by Marler, Alexandria, VA.  TMC Power Distribution Plant.  Not sure if this plant, also shown in the 2 photos to the right, is the same as the TMC Systems office shown in the extreme right photo on this row. No date or number.  Back: "Front View Power Distribution TMC Virginia".  Photo by Loeb's, Alexandria.   45-8.  March 7, 1962.  Photo by Loeb's, Alexandria.   Photo D617.13-1.  TMC Systems Inc office and plant in Alexandria, VA.  Perhaps at 806 N. Henry Str..
tmc_systems_va2.jpg (600333 bytes) tmc_power6.jpg (746917 bytes) tmc_power_va.jpg (963140 bytes) tmc_power2.jpg (782906 bytes)
9108.  Side view of TMC Systems office, Alexandria, with trailer-mounted diesel generators. No data, but evidently the TMC Power Distribution plant.  It appears that this plant was rented space located at 4412-4414 Wheeler Ave. in Alexandria No data.  Front view of Wheeler Ave.  plant entrance. 6446-D.  Another view of the Wheller Ave. plant entrance.
va_arch_rendering.jpg (472470 bytes)      
Architectural rendering of proposed Springfield plant.        

Alexandria Plant Equipment

Among the many photos in the archive are a bunch of photos, with fairly complete information (except for three of them), of the machine-shop fabrication equipment at TMC Power Distribution's Alexandria plant.

unknown_machine1.jpg (1047980 bytes) unknown_machine2.jpg (996427 bytes) unknown_machine3.jpg (1082424 bytes) b_and_s_mill.jpg (1029110 bytes)
This photo had no info attached.  Any help identifying this impressive machine would be gratefully accepted! This small lathe is likewise no identified. This appears to be a press brake, but I have no other info. Brown & Sharp Rangemaster Milling Machine.  Serial # 506-20-1, complete with Horizontal Arbors, Vertical Milling Head, Universal Table, Dividing Head, Rotary Table, Over Arm Support, Draw Bars, Boring Bars, Vise, Clamps, Bolts, Light, Misc Cutters, Metal Cabinet, Motor for 220/3/60.  Model 20, vendor: Secrest Machine Corp.
balancer_photo1.jpg (987857 bytes) balancer_photo2.jpg (990270 bytes) bandsaw.jpg (961366 bytes) chicago_press_brake.jpg (1018674 bytes)
Industrial Balancer #708--Stuart Warner, Serial #303, Capacity 13 tons, Model 2381.  Vendor: Alemtic Company of Maryland. Wells Bandsaw.  115V, Serial #16276, Capacity 6", Model #8.  Vendor: L A Benson Co. Chicago Steel Press Brake, Serial #L-14295, 60-90 ton, Capacity 60" x 3/4", 120" x 10 guage, Model 1012-L.  Vendor: Dries & Krump Manufacturing Co.
cinc_hor_mill_photo1.jpg (963198 bytes) cinc_hor_mill_photo2.jpg (928116 bytes) crankshaft_grinder.jpg (1017577 bytes) edlund_dr_press.jpg (1029637 bytes)
Cincinatti Horizontal Milling Machine, #4, Serial #3A4P1J-103, 18-1300 RPM, 40" travel table, 20" cross travel.  Vendor: Geo. T. McLean Equipment Corp. Van Norma Crankshaft Grinder, 20"x48", Serial #SC5-5217, 6" stroke, 66" length, Capacity 24" center, 20" wheel.  Vendor: Central Greyhound Lines, Dalas, TX. Edlund Drill Press, Upright, Serial #3568, with Universal Table, Quick Acting Vice, Motor and Controls for 220/3/60.  Capacity 18".  Vendor: Secrest Machine Corp.
imp_drill_press.jpg (995464 bytes) le_blond_lathe.jpg (871534 bytes) le_blond_lathe2.jpg (977655 bytes) le_blond_lathe3.jpg (1072171 bytes)
Drill Press--Imperial.  15" Floor Model, complete with 1/2 HP Motor, Serial #68873DP15, Model # S60CBT-4070.  Vendor: Potomac Steel & Supply Co. Le Blond Lathe, 14" x 30", Serial #BRP1550, Complete with 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, drill chuck, cutter holders, live center, and light, motor & controls for 220/3/60.  Vendor: Secrest Machine Corp. Le Blond Lathe, 16" H.D., Seria; # ND-8642, Capacity 16".  Vendor:  J.H. Elliot Co. Le Blond Lathe, 18"x 60", Serial # ND7860, complete with steady rest, 3 jaw chuck, 4 jaw chuck, collet chuck, collets, drill chuck, live center, taper attachment, small face plate, large face plate, chip pan, misc. dogs, cutter holders, light & steel cabinet, motor & controls for 220/3/60.  Vendor: Secrest Machine Corp.
pedestal_grinder.jpg (964745 bytes) pwr_sqr_shear.jpg (916320 bytes) radial_drill.jpg (949471 bytes)  
Cincinnati Pedestal Grinder, Serial #S-196499, motor and controls for 220/3/60, tool and cutter grinder.  Vendor:  Secrest Machine Corp Wyseng & Miles Power Squaring Shear, Serial # P-37-200, capacity 10-11 feet gage.  Vendor: Secrest Machine Corp. American  Radial Drill, 9" column, 3' Arm, Serial #77246, 3' 9", 60-3000 RPM. Vendor: Smith-Courtney Co.