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In addition to the large stash of TMC manuals, my co-conspirator Bob McClain K4ATP and I have also taken charge of all of the company's drawings, again thanks to the generosity of Neil de Pasquale.  These are cataloged in a series of notebooks that list the drawings in chronological order.  

Below  you'll find links to set of searchable tables of these drawings, with links to individual drawings.  This area is very much under development:  there are many thousands of drawings, and it's going to take a very long time to get them all added to this website!  At this time (November 2012) we are not quite done transcribing all of the notebooks, but that should be done by early 2013.  We'll be adding drawings over time..

This is a huge project!  If you can offer help, please let me know.  In particular, it would be great to have pages that list drawings for each of the rigs we collect (GPR-90, PAL-1K, and so forth).  These are going to take a bunch of work, but might be very useful for restoration and repair.

If you need a copy of one of the drawings for a restoration, please send me mail at , and Bob and I will try to get a copy to you pronto, or scan the drawing and put it online. 

Searchable Tables of Drawings This link takes you to page that provides access to searchable lists of TMC drawings.  This area is under active construction. 
Notebook Scans This link provides access to the scans of the notebook pages.  You can look up the drawings (circuit, sheet metal, assemblies, and so forth) for any given rig, but you'll have to do it the hard way, but pouring through these pages, which are organized chronologically!
Canadian Drawings This link takes you to scans of two notebooks containing "Canadian Prints", drawings made by TMC Canada for systems and units designed there.  It appears that the Canadian drawings use the same letter codes as TMC US drawings.
Signature ID Page This page shows examples of initials signed to various TMC drawings and documents.  With considerable help from Tony Faiola, this table makes it possible to connect initials with specific engineers at TMC.  By examining the schematics and mechanical drawings, and comparing initials, it's therefore possible to tell who designed what!