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Do you have a TMC story?  

  • Did you work at TMC or were you a customer?
  • Do you have a restoration project experience you're willing to share?
  • Do you have manuals, catalogs, pictures, or other info not already on this site?

Please send me your story, and I'll post it with full credit!

TMC Photo of the Week!


This ad from March 1944's Electronics Magazine (thanks, Nick!!) offers an interesting bit of history.  Evidently Sal Barone founded Northern Radio (and S.S. Barone Co.) during WW2, while still working full-time for Press Wireless.   Ray de P, his boss at PreWi, not only approved of the arrangement, but was on hand to help launch the businesses!

If you have info about Northern Radio or TMC's early days, please get in touch.

Below are links to various parts of the repository:

TMC Sales and Service Bulletins SSB's are 2-6 page brochures for the various equipment types that TMC built. 
TMC Catalogs and Price Lists  
TMC Technical Library "Card Catalog" for TMC manuals and documents library
TMC Manuals Index of over 1,100 TMC Technical Manuals and publications.   Let me know if you run into missing links, unreadable pages, or any other problems.
TMC Military/Commercial Tables Convert MIL to TMC Commercial designations, and search a comprehensive list of TMC equipment types.
TMC Drawings Link to the TMC drawings main page.  Drawings are in the care of my co-conspirator Bob McClain K4ATP.
TMC Materials Lists Link to lists of everything (parts, assemblies, processes) reqired to make each TMC product.
TMC Company History This area is under active development.  It includes scans of the company's annual reports, 1959-1994; scans of lab notebooks; an extensive photo gallery of plant sites, TMC people, TMC projects.
Photo Galleries-- Projects, People Photos of people, installations, projects.  New link to this rapidly growing set of pages.  The old link in Company History remains.
TMC Stuff for Sale Books, TMC logo'd items, and various other things for sale!

NEW!!  Original TMC Manuals for sale!!

TMC Classifieds                                     Ads for TMC equipment for sale, as well as "Want" lists.
TMC Shack Virtual Tours Couple of brave volunteers have sent me photos of their shacks.  Check it out!  If you'd like to join the fun, please let me know at
Restoration Info Restoration info, including Paul Spivak's excellent guide to re-calibrating the Master Oscillator in the GPT-750, Russ Miller's notes on restoring an XFK, my notes on restoring the PAL-500, and Tony Faiola's SBE frequency charts.  Meter scans, drawings, and other possibly useful info included as well.

Related Companies

Northern Radio Company

Manuals, Catalogs, Company History (eventually..)

Press Wireless Corporation

Manuals, Company History 

multronics_logo.jpg (52878 bytes) Multronics, Inc.

Manuals, Course Notes, Company history (..if possible!)

mcelroy_logo.jpg (51592 bytes) McElroy Manufacturing Corp

Catalog, Company info


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