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This page contains links to a large number of TMC manuals, sorted by their TMC "commercial" type designations.  Most are scanned at 400 DPI, and are not divided into sections, so.. the files are large!  Many of these equipments types have military equivalents, and the MIL designation is listed in the manual title, wherever possible.  Manual titles are very wordy, to provide lots of search terms.  Use the "find" function (CTRL-F) in your browser to look for stuff.

AF Filters

AFC Automatic Frequency Control  afc-2a_front.jpg (572254 bytes)

AMC/LMC Antenna Multicouplers

amc-6-3_front.jpg (821197 bytes)


amc-6-5_front.jpg (313936 bytes)


amc-20_front.jpg (396024 bytes)


amc-101_front.jpg (333075 bytes)


APP-4 Auxiliary Power Panel

ATLA-2.5K Technimatic Linear Amplifieratla-2.5k_front_short_rack.jpg (636481 bytes)

ATMC-1 Multicouplerjenny_3_front.jpg (483138 bytes)

This transmitter multicoupler subsystem was designed and built by Multronics under contract from TMC as part of Project Jenny and installed in the Blue Eagle aircraft.  Many thanks to John Showalter for supplying this unique document!

ATS Antenna Tuning Systems


ats-2_overall.jpg (444335 bytes) ats-2_tu_whip.jpg (621054 bytes) ats-tu-2_top.jpg (669659 bytes)
ATS-2 Overall ATS with whip ATS-TU inside view

ATU-350A Antenna Tuning Unitatu-350_tuner.jpg (511974 bytes)

AVA Active Vertical Antenna

AX Auxiliary Panels

BCT-10K Broadcast Transmitterpala-10k_front.jpg (496561 bytes)

BPS Battery Power Supplybps_overall.jpg (402696 bytes)

BSP Bridging Speaker Panel

CBE Sideband Exciter

CDN Carrier-Operated Anti-Noised Device

CFA Frequency Shift Converter 

cfa-1.jpg (19221 bytes) cfa-2_front.jpg (289889 bytes)

CHG Translator

chg-2_overall.jpg (509085 bytes) chgr-3_front.jpg (386533 bytes) chgr-4_overall.jpg (452689 bytes)

CHL Divider Chainchl-1_front.jpg (280947 bytes)

CLL Controlled Oscillatorcll-1_overall.jpg (608988 bytes)

CMR Sideband Exciters

CMO Controlled Master Oscillatorcmo-1_front.jpg (485762 bytes)

CON Console  

con-3-dae-u.jpg (546294 bytes) con-6_left.jpg (639481 bytes) con_venezuela.jpg (695577 bytes) con_albany.jpg (659995 bytes)
CON-3-DEA-U CON-6 CON-Venezuela CON-Albany

COP Remote Control Group

copb-1.jpg (488064 bytes) copb-2.jpg (693203 bytes)

COR Radio Receiving Systems  cor-1_overall.jpg (688434 bytes)

CPP Power Supply

cpp-1_overall.jpg (410594 bytes) cpp-2_overall.jpg (785094 bytes) cpp-5_overall.jpg (417519 bytes)

CSS Frequency Standard  

css-1_front.jpg (295520 bytes) css-1a_overall.jpg (637480 bytes) css-3_overall.jpg (455268 bytes) css-3b_overall.jpg (373379 bytes)

DAC Dipole Antenna Coupler

DCP Power Control Panel

dcp-1_front.jpg (251761 bytes) dcp-2_overall.jpg (276546 bytes)

DCU Diversity Combining Unit

DDR-2 Dual Diversity Receiver


DDR-5 Diversity Radio Receiver  

ddr-5_front.jpg (773091 bytes) ddr-5br1_overall.jpg (422394 bytes) ddr-5c_front_swingout.jpg (795379 bytes) ddr-5k_overall.jpg (490501 bytes)

    Technical Manual for Dual Diversity Receiver Model DDR-5A

    Technical Manual for Dual Diversity Receiver Model DDR-5B

    Technical Manual for Dual Diversity Receiver Model DDR-5K

    Miscellaneous Documents for DDR-5

DDR-6 Dual Diversity Receiver

ddr-6d_overall.jpg (526615 bytes) ddr-6f_overall.jpg (428454 bytes) ddr-6h_overall.jpg (538255 bytes) ddr-6ms_overall_right.jpg (417138 bytes)




DDR-7 General Purpose Receiver

ddr-7_overall_right.jpg (462629 bytes) ddr-7a_overall_right.jpg (600387 bytes) ddr-7b_front.jpg (666146 bytes) ddr-7c_front.jpg (459779 bytes)
ddr-7j_overall.jpg (572729 bytes) ddr-7k_overall_left.jpg (469167 bytes) ddr-7L_overall.jpg (634726 bytes) ddr-7t_overall.jpg (557193 bytes)








DDR-8 Dual Diversity Receiver  ddr-8-3023_overall.jpg (492200 bytes)

DDR-10 Radio Receiving Set

DDRR-5B Technimatic Tuned Receiver

ddrr-5b_front.jpg (508553 bytes) ddrr-5b1_front.jpg (814477 bytes) ddrr-5b_rear_left.jpg (833053 bytes)
DDRR-5B DDRR-5B1 DDRR-5B (rear)

    Miscellaneous Documents for DDRR-5B

DDRR-5M Technimatic Tuned Receiver

DDRR-10K2 Radio Receiving Set

DDRR-506/LRCC-1 Remote Controlled Receiver System

ddrr-506_front.jpg (778123 bytes)

DMK Communications Receiver

DVM Diversity Visual Monitor

dvm.jpg (77640 bytes) dvm-2-3.jpg (94602 bytes)
Early DVM DVM-2/-3

FFR Communication Receiver  

ffr_overall.jpg (505798 bytes)

ffr-dph_overall.jpg (535316 bytes)

FFR Receiver FFR-DPH Drawer

FSA-3 Spectrum Analyzerfsa-3_overall.jpg (585954 bytes)

FSS Frequency Shift Simulator

GPC Crystal Calibrator

GPE-1A General Purpose Exciter  gpe-1_overall.jpg (552295 bytes)

GPR-90 Communications Receiver  

gpr-90.jpg (117919 bytes)

gpr-90rx_overall.jpg (474233 bytes)


GPR-92 General Purpose Receiver  gpr-92_overall_right.jpg (548265 bytes)

GPR-100 General Purpose Receiver

GPR-110 General Purpose Receiver  gpr-110_final_vs_overall.jpg (949448 bytes)

GPT-350D General Purpose Transmitter  gpt-350d_front.jpg (616274 bytes)

GPT-500 General Purpose Transmitter  gpt-500e_overall.jpg (539346 bytes)

GPT-750 General Purpose Transmitter

gpt-750a2.jpg (55042 bytes)

gpt-750b-2_overall.jpg (647973 bytes) gpt-750c-2_overall.jpg (680592 bytes) gpt-750d-2_overall.jpg (615428 bytes)


GPT-750B2 GPT-750C2 GPT-750D2

GPT-1K General Purpose Transmitter

    GPTA-1KJ General Purpose High Frequency Transmitter

    GPTM-1KE/8 General Purpose Transmitter


    GPTR-1KC General Purpose Transmitter

    GPTR-1KC4/E5 General Purpose Transmitter

    GPTR-1KE General Purpose Transmitter

    Miscellaneous Documents

GPT-2.5K Radio Transmitters gpt-2.5k_overall_left.jpg (626322 bytes)









GPT-10K General Purpose Transmitter  gpt-10k_bth_doors_open.jpg (557423 bytes)

GPT-40K General Purpose Transmitter  gpt-40k_overall_left.jpg (728886 bytes)

    GPT-40K Transmitter

    Synthesized GPT-40K Transmitter

    GPT-40KE4 General Purpose Transmitter

    GPT-40KEF Transmitter

    GPT-40KEF5 General Purpose Transmitter

    GPT-40KEL General Purpose Transmitter

    Miscellaneous Documents

GPT-200K Transmitter

    GPT-200K Transmitter  gpt-200k_front.jpg (642560 bytes)

    Synthesized GPT-200K Transmitter

GPTR-1K General Purpose Transmitter

GSB-1 Sideband Adapter  gsb-1.jpg (39862 bytes)

HAF Audio Filter  haf-1_overall.jpg (370607 bytes)

HFA Audio Frequency Amplifier hfa-1_overall_right.jpg (389208 bytes)

HFI Intermediate Frequency Amplifier

HFD Antenna Distribution Unit

HFL-100C Linear Power Amplifier  hfl-100_overall.jpg (284083 bytes)

HFL-1K High Frequency Linear Amplifier

HFL-10K Linear Power Amplifier

HFP-1 Power Supply  hfp-1_overall_left.jpg (541208 bytes)

HFR Continuous RF Tuner  hfr-1_overall_left.jpg (541998 bytes)

HFS Control Synthesizer  hfs1_overall_right.jpg (576692 bytes)

HFT-1K High Frequency Transmitter  

    HFT-1K High Frequency Transmitter

    HFTA-1KJ2 High Frequency Synthesized Transmitterhfta-1kj_front.jpg (722095 bytes)

    HFTM-1KA General Purpose Transmitter hftm_1ka_overall.jpg (497858 bytes)

    HFTM-1KJ General Purpose Transmitter hftm-1kj_overall.jpg (326066 bytes)

    HFTM-1KJ2 High Frequency Transmitter

    HFTM-1KJ2B High Frequency Transmitter

HFT-10K General Purpose Transmitters hft-10k_overall.jpg (1574925 bytes) 

    HFT-10KJ 10KW HF/ISB Transmitter

    HFT-10KJS 10KW HF/ISB Transmitter

    HFTA-10KJ2 High Frequency Transmitter

    HFTM-10KJ General Purpose Transmitter

HFT 40K 40KW HF Transmitter hftm-40kj_overall.jpg (497647 bytes)

HNF Variable Notch Filter hnf-1_overall_left.jpg (346919 bytes)

HPP Utility Panel hpp-1_front.jpg (281917 bytes)

HSS Loudspeaker Panel hss-8_overall.jpg (301934 bytes)

HVRB Solid State Power Supply hvrb-2_overall.jpg (422532 bytes)

HVRC Solid State Power Supply hvrc-2_overall_right.jpg (415253 bytes)

LFA Low Frequency Adapterlfa-4_overall.jpg (497483 bytes)

LFE Low Frequency Exciter lfe-1_overall.jpg (400386 bytes)

LFCA Sideband Converter lfca-1_overall_right.jpg (345212 bytes)

LFS Low Frequency Synthesizer lfsa-1_overall.jpg (424681 bytes)

LFTD-1 Antenna Tuning Unitlftd-1_front.jpg (542285 bytes)

LMC LF/MF Receiving Antenna Multicoupler lmc-10a_overall.jpg (414629 bytes)

LPA Linear Power Amplifier

lpa-1k_front.jpg (461209 bytes) lpa-2_exc_overall_right.jpg (687381 bytes)

LPF Low Pass Filter

LRC Remote Control Units

lrca-1_overall.jpg (421382 bytes) lrcc-1_front.jpg (726849 bytes)

LRCM Transmitter Control lrcm-1_front.jpg (506162 bytes)

LRRA LF/MF Receiver System  lrra-1.jpg (151204 bytes)

LSCA Remote Control Unitlsca-1_overall.jpg (440028 bytes)

LSP Loudspeaker Panel  

lsp-1_front.jpg (344061 bytes) lsp-7_front.jpg (543132 bytes)

MAC Multi-antenna Couplers

MAF-1 Multiple Audio Filter maf-1_overall.jpg (419395 bytes)

MAS-1/TR Multiple Application Transmit/Receive System mas-1-tr_front.jpg (737897 bytes)

MCG-1 Multiple Carrier Generator mcg-1_overall.jpg (353614 bytes)

MCTR-350 Multi-Channel Transmitter/Receiver mctr-350_front_right.jpg (698194 bytes)

MFER-1 Channelized Exciter

MFP-1 Power Supplymfp-1_overall.jpg (319782 bytes)

MFT-10K Medium Frequency Transmitter

MID Mode Indicating Device

MMX Multi-Mode Exciter

mmx-1_overall.jpg (548922 bytes) mmx-2a_overall.jpg (747215 bytes) mmxr-2_front.jpg (392577 bytes) mmx-4_overall.jpg (438590 bytes)

MNF Multiple Notch Filtermnf-1_overall.jpg (707140 bytes)

MPA Microphone Preamplifiermpa-1_overall.jpg (301128 bytes)

MRS-2 Marine Radio System

mrs-2_receivers.jpg (828304 bytes) mrs-2_transmitter.jpg (500266 bytes)
MSR-2 Receivers MRS-2 Transmitter

MRU-33 Marine Radio Unitmru-33_front.jpg (471242 bytes)

MSA-1 Multiple Sideband Adaptermsa-1_overall.jpg (593698 bytes)

MSG Independent AGC Receiving Systems  

MSG-1  msg-1_front.jpg (620677 bytes)

Note:  Several of the original manuals in this mult-section manual have been replaced with later versions.


MSR Model Selector Receving  msr-4_front.jpg (390988 bytes)

MTR-100A Multi-Channel Transmitter-Receivermtr-100a_overall.jpg (299485 bytes)

PAL-16 VHF/UHF Antenna Preamplifier

PAL-350 Linear Power Amplifier  pal-350_overall_left.jpg (564332 bytes)

PAL-500 Linear Power Amplifier

PAL-1K Linear Power Amplifier  pal-1k_overall.jpg (621055 bytes)

PAL-2.5K Linear Power Amplifiergpt-2.5k_overall.jpg (251322 bytes)

PFCB-1 Precision Frequency Comparatorpfcb_overall.jpg (344886 bytes)

PFS 200 PNB "No Break" Electric Power System  pfs-200.jpg (90656 bytes)

PMO Portable Master Oscillator  pmo-5_overall_left.jpg (497840 bytes)

PSP  Power Supply

psp-1_front.jpg (778673 bytes) psp-2_front.jpg (481064 bytes)

PTE RF Spectrum Analyzer  pte-3_overall_color.jpg (632678 bytes)

PVC Passive Volume Control

RAC Rhombic Antenna Coupler  rac-8_overall.jpg (813020 bytes)

RCR Remote Control Receiver System

RCSR-1 Receiver Remote Control System

RF Patch Panels and Connector Products

RSU Receiver Stabilization Unit

RTB Rhombic Terminal Unitrtb-1_overall.jpg (376034 bytes)

RTC Remote Control Amplifier  rtc_cab_overall.jpg (938995 bytes)

RTDA-1 Technimatic Test Setrtda-1_overall.jpg (526510 bytes)

RTI Channel Frequency Indicators

rtia-1_rtib-1_front.jpg (656727 bytes) rtid-1_overall.jpg (358874 bytes) rtih-1_overall_left.jpg (344667 bytes) rtih-4_overall.jpg (405405 bytes)
RTIA-1 (top) RTIB-1 (bottom) RTID-1 RTIH-1 RTIH-4

RTO Receiver Test Oscillatorrto-1a_overall.jpg (248620 bytes)

RTTD Transmit Decoderrttd-1_overall.jpg (420578 bytes)

RTMU Signal Data Converterrtmu-2_overall_right.jpg (442804 bytes)

RTPx Electronic Programmersrtph-1_overall_left.jpg (566400 bytes)

RTRS Receiver Selector

SBC Sideband Converters

sbc-1-2_front.jpg (599433 bytes) sbc-9_overall.jpg (654415 bytes) sbc-9_rmx-2_front.jpg (743363 bytes)
SBC-1/-2 SBC-9 SBC-9 and RMX-2

SBE Transmitting Mode Selector  sbe-2_ps_overall.jpg (575905 bytes)

SBG-1/-2 Sideband Exciter  sbg-1a-2a_overall_color.jpg (678301 bytes)

SBG-1B/-2B Sideband Exciter

SBG-3 Sideband Exciter  sbg-3_front.jpg (619812 bytes)

SBG-4 Sideband Excitersbgr-4ya_front.jpg (408041 bytes)

SBS Sideband Selectorsbs-1_overall.jpg (556542 bytes)

SBT-350 General Purpose Transmittersbt-350a_overall.jpg (307180 bytes)

SBT-1K General Purpose Transmitter

    SBT-1K(A) General Purpose Transmitter  sbt-1ka_overall_right.jpg (530789 bytes)

    SBT-1KA6 General Purpose Transmitter

    SBT-1K(B) General Purpose Transmitter (AN/URT-19(V))  sbt-1kb.jpg (21709 bytes)

    SBT-1K(C) General Purpose Transmitter  sbt-1kc_overall_right.jpg (488209 bytes)

    SBT-1K(E) General Purpose Transmitter  sbt-1ke.jpg (45445 bytes)

    SBT-1K(F) General Purpose Transmitter

    SBT-1K(F6) General Purpose Transmitter

    SBT-1K(J) General Purpose Transmitter (AN/FRT-53)  sbt-1kj.jpg (20446 bytes)

    SBT-1K(Q) General Purpose Transmitter (AN/FRT-56)  sbt-1kq.jpg (18258 bytes)

    SBT-1K(V) General Purpose Transmitter

    SBT-1KPA General Purpose Radio Transmitter 

    SBTM-1KJK General Purpose Radio Transmitter 

SCU Signal Control Unit  scu.jpg (8891 bytes)

SFO Regenerator  sfo-1_cable_overall.jpg (681840 bytes)

SFP-2 Filter Panel  sfp-1_front.jpg (527870 bytes)

SME Sideband Multi-Channel Exciter  

    SME-1  sme-1_overall_left.jpg (570571 bytes)

    SME-5  sme-5.jpg (17518 bytes)

    SME-6  sme-6_front.jpg (485623 bytes)

SMR Multi-Channel Receivers  

    SMR-1/-2  smr-1_overall.jpg (548423 bytes)

    SMR-5smr-5_overall_open.jpg (411477 bytes)

SPU Speech Processing Unit

    SPU-1  spu-1.jpg (9961 bytes)

    SPU-2  spu-2_front.jpg (280266 bytes)

SPT-3K VHF Special Purpose Transmitter

SRM Solid State Synthesized Radio Receiver

STE Sideband Strip Exciter  

    STE-1 ste-1_overall_left.jpg (300240 bytes) 

    STE-5  ste-5.jpg (10844 bytes)

STR Strip Receiver  

str-1_overall_left.jpg (488570 bytes) str-5.jpg (40560 bytes)
STR-1/-2 STR-5

SWCU Standing Wave Control Unitswcu-1_overall.jpg (305212 bytes)

SWR Standing Wave Ratio Indicator  

swr-1k_overall.jpg (503037 bytes) swr-3k_overall.jpg (829782 bytes) swr-10k_overall_txt.jpg (1040439 bytes)

TAC Antenna Tuning Unit  tac-1_front.jpg (594063 bytes)

TCS Transmitter Control System(s)

TCG Transmitter Control Group

TCR-8 Supervisory Control System

TER Antenna Terminators and Dummy Loads  

ter-3.5k_cutaway.jpg (495992 bytes) ter-5k_open.jpg (891195 bytes) ter-15k_overall.jpg (590779 bytes) ter-25k_overall.jpg (621352 bytes) ter-100k_open1.jpg (741371 bytes)
TER-3.5K Cutaway TER-5K TER-15K TER-25K TER-100K

TFP Harmonic Filters

TIS Tone Information System  tis-3_overall.jpg (388791 bytes)

TM-125 Sideband Transceiver  tm-125.jpg (36577 bytes)

TM-350 HF SSB Transceiver  tm-350.jpg (26607 bytes)

TMA-350 HF Power Amplifiertma-350_overall.jpg (498544 bytes)

TMA-1K Linear Power Amplifier

TPM-1K Transmitter Power Monitor

TPCA-1 Remote Control System

TPSA Power Supply

TRC Transmitting Antenna Couplers

TRCP Transfer Relay Control Panel

TRX-1 Stabilized Crystal Oscillator  trx-1_overall.jpg (306364 bytes)

TSTE-10K Technimatic Transmittertste-10k_overall_txt.jpg (634176 bytes)

TTC Antenna Tunerttc-1_front.jpg (556551 bytes)

TTG Two Tone Generator  ttg-1_overall.jpg (356568 bytes)

TTR Transistorized SSB Transmitter/Receiver
ttr-10_overall.jpg (594707 bytes) ttr-20_overall.jpg (479652 bytes)
TTR-10 TTR-20

TTRR Receiver Converterttrr_overall.jpg (296254 bytes)

TTRT Transmitter Converterttrt_overall.jpg (346787 bytes)

TTTG Two Tone Generatorttg-1_overall.jpg (356568 bytes)

VLFC-1 Very Low Frequency Comparator  vlfc-1_overall_left.jpg (553293 bytes)

VLR Communications Receivers  

vlra-1_overall.jpg (588639 bytes) vlrb-1_overall.jpg (498422 bytes) vlrc-1_overall_left.jpg (428465 bytes)

VOX Variable Frequency Oscillator  vox-5_overall_left.jpg (533691 bytes)

VRA Vertical Receiving Antennasvra_overall.jpg (503527 bytes)

XFK Frequency Shift Exciterxfk-1_overall.jpg (564679 bytes)


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